Your customers. What keeps them up at night??

A recent Ad Age article talks about 2019 being a good year for getting back to the basics of marketing. Putting  the customer at the center of your organization. Basic marketing principle yes,  and a good reminder for all of us looking to create messaging that is impactful and engaging for our customers. Another basic principle and one of the most critical:  Get to know your customers. What makes them tick, what makes them engage, what keeps them up at night??

How do you get to know your customers better? Research, research and more research! There are a variety of methods from traditional research studies to focus groups and more. Research helps structure your marketing strategy with insights on where, when and how to reach you target audience. It can better inform your content marketing by providing the basis for data-rich content, and research-based content gives your brand credibility and prominence in a crowded marketplace.

Here at Informa,  we practice what we preach! Our brands conduct multiple projects each year to get to know (and help you get to know) the audience – the people buying and specifying your products and services. This past year we published several articles from research on compensation and audience challenges. You can check out a few here:

And soon, this site will feature summary reports of several other major research projects we have conducted, so keep coming back!

2019 is going to be another year of capturing insight into the audience, scouting upcoming trends, testing concepts, and creating solutions for everyone to gain the competitive edge!

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