Who’s talking IoT?

Everyone from the savviest industrial organizations to your local fire station is talking about the game-changing potential of the Internet of Things. Even the Superbowl got in the IoT action this year with humorous artificial intelligence commercials. But all joking aside, there is a lot of discussion around the benefits and pitfalls of adopting IoT. Even the size of the market has come under debate.

A recent IndustryWeek research project found that some companies are waiting “until we find the right use case” in regards to IoT. But many are implementing projects to:

  • Improve customer experience or provide support to customers in the field
  • Reduce costs and increase performance
  • Achieve multiple goals thru a systems approach

Keep your eyes on this Insight Section for details of the full Manufacturing Trends report.

In the meantime, check out what business titans spanning many industries had to share when asked about their IoT plans at the 2018 IoT World event. Hear from the Click here to hear it in their own words!

If you’d like to view a gallery of 10 IoT solutions, click here.

The Iot of Worker Safety

And if you are still hungry for more IoT, you might want to read this article from IoT thought leader W. David Stephenson on the four essential truths for IoT success.

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