What’s so special about Pittsburgh and manufacturing?

Well for starters, Pittsburgh is ranked 8th nationally for manufacturing output. There are 3,000 manufacturing businesses and more than 100,000 manufacturing professionals in the Pittsburgh metro area. So when the Manufacturing & Technology team was researching the best place to hold our 2019 event, the choice was clear. Manufacturing is thriving in Pittsburgh!

Did we mention that some of the top manufacturing employers are located right there? Companies like, Alcoa, General Electric, Heinz (yes, think ketchup and more), U.S Steel, Westinghouse and many more.  And, if you are looking to engage the next generation of manufacturing rock stars, you’ll be happy to know that academics from some of the best manufacturing universities will be in attendance. Schools like Penn State University, Lehigh University, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh.

Oh, and we should let you know that the famous Night Out Event has just been announced, and will be taking place Tuesday, April 2nd at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The night out is a feature attendees look forward to every year and this year is sure to excite even us Cleveland Browns fans. We also have keynotes, incredible sessions, plants tours, an expo hall, the IndustryWeek Best Plant awards and the NED Innovation Awards taking place that week. Whew! Will you be a part of it all?

Download the  prospectus and find out why M&T 2019 is the new game changer!

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