What are the top trends in trade show booth designs right now?

It’s November already and you probably are already starting to make plans for your 2019 events.

We asked Informa Engage senior marketing designer Erin Lesser what she is seeing as the top trends in booth designs. We hope her answer here can help in your event planning for next year!

“Multi-sensory experiences, mixing tactile elements with sight and sound. Specifically light and finding creative ways to use lighting in your space. The other big shift in the trade show world is in taking a holistic approach to your calendar of events. It’s not enough to treat each event as an isolated project, you need to consider how your event supports future and past events and other marketing campaigns.

It is an exciting time in the manufacturing trade show world! The 2018 SafetlyLeadership  Conference is taking place this week and planning for the 2019 Manufacturing & Technology Show is in full swing. Check it out here.

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