Proven Solutions for Video Marketing Success

Video content is a must have as part of your marketing strategy. Ensure your investment delivers the return you need by partnering with our team of audience, digital marketing and video production experts to create video content that resonates with your target audience and performs in brand and social channels.

Marketing Webinar: The Loyalty Loop

Join best-selling author and marketing guru, Andrew Davis, and learn how to harness the power of the new consumer experience. Gain insight on the key principles of building anticipation, harnessing the honeymoon period and driving inspirational moments to create new business opportunities.

Who should watch: CMOs, VPs of Marketing, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Digital Audience Marketers, Social Media Directors, Content Managers, Agencies

Video Solutions

Custom Video

Take control of your video content strategy, optimizing the medium to best serve your brand and your marketing goals. Our team of production and design experts will consult with you to create video that reflects your brand, tells your story, and showcases your products and services.

Explainer Video

Break down complex topics into simple and easy-to-digest animated videos that are 30-45 seconds long. This alternative video type requires minimal deliverables from you, making for easy, cost effective production. Great for social promotions.

In Article Video

Place your video message directly within editorial content on our website. Served as a video ad type, this solution delivers a much higher than average click through rate and offers engagement metrics to track views.

QuickChat Video

Capture key insights from your experts through these 10-15 minute editorially-driven video interviews that help to deliver broader context to the issues being covered. Leverage our topic expertise, technology platform and light video editing to create a powerful video asset.


Rethink traditional hour-long webinars and engage busy decision-makers with 30 minutes of topic based conversation and interactivity. This new, video based format features your subject matter expert generating powerful thought leadership while generating leads.

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