Technology at Work: Manufacturing in Progress

Today, manufacturers are practical, creative, open to opportunities, and ready to work with the technologies available now. They’re adopting advanced machinery and systems, and emerging concepts in design, materials, networks and data to produce complex parts and components, and highly engineered systems. They’re ready to take advantage of what advanced technology can do.  They approach new technology with active understanding that it will be applied to work — their own work, or some work that they are prepared to start. And they crave trusted information that can help them now!

Robert Brooks, editor and industry expert, recently produced a special eBook that looks at advanced manufacturing technology as it is now, and where it is leading today’s manufacturers. The kind of trusted and in-depth information our manufacturing audiences crave (and eat up!) His work has covered a wide range of topics, including process technology, resource development, material selection, product design, workforce development, and industrial market strategies, among others. He specializes in subjects related to metal component and product design, development, and manufacturing, as well as related issues and emerging technologies.


You can download the Special Report here. And you can click here to learn more about eBooks and how you can leverage them to provide trusted information and thought leadership for your market.

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