Safety Technology Trends & Future Outlook

Research suggests that companies could see double-digit percentage gains in workforce safety through the adoption of emerging technologies, such as predictive analytics, wearable devices, the Internet of Things, robotics, AI and virtual reality, and various cloud-based solutions.

New technology is also making training easier and more efficient. Online environments give employees the chance to interact with other people on the job, and detailed simulations can give them a risk-free trial run of their workplace. And the new ISO 45001 standard provides a framework for organizations to manage risks and creates opportunities to help prevent work-related injury. In addition, wearable technology has been a huge breakthrough for workplace safety.

Our recent research of safety professionals shows that 90% use data analytics to improve their safety operation and to predict the likelihood of worker accidents. They tell us that accident prevention, compliance, training, and working protection (PPE) are their top uses of safety technology and predictive data.  And their most relevant areas for learning are in AI, microlearning, mobile devices, cybersecurity, IIoT, predictive analytics, safety management and wearables.

In a world of data, the impact of mobile devices and sensors in machinery is driving the need for robust safety management systems and predictive analytics designed to prevent workplace injuries, decrease machine downtime and provide stronger business ROI. Microlearning allows busy professional to educate themselves online and in smaller bits of time. As technology advances, more suppliers are adding sensors in PPE and launching new wearables that will increase usage of PPE. With more accessible and faster data, EHS professionals are prioritizing tasks, storing data in the cloud and are working with IT to address cybersecurity concerns.

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