Manufacturing Week of Learning

Now, more than ever, companies need to engage and influence decision makers in the manufacturing sector as they face unprecedented technological transformation and workforce challenges. Now is the time to take a leadership position by educating manufacturing professionals on the newest technology, best practices and how-to roadmaps on IIot implementation, analytics and big data, safety, automation, and supply chain issues.

Don’t miss your chance to engage with decision makers and build your sales pipeline!

Week of Learning. December 3-7, 2018. Join IndustryWeek for our first ever educational week dedicated to helping manufacturing professionals stay at the forefront of change and technical advancement. Through a dedicated learning portal, these decision makes can attend multiple webinars, personal learning sessions, watch videos and read the latest content on IIot and more.   Custom sponsorships can be created to fit a variety of initiatives; lead generation, traffic driving, thought leadership and product awareness.

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Take a look at the environment. See what more than 2,000 attendees found invaluable in our recent IoT Week of Learning.


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