Is buying digital advertising online easy? And is it for you?

There are many different models around the pricing and buying of digital ads. Different mechanisms and systems that allow the user to do different things.  And there seems to be just as much confusion at times. Your goals, budget and time pressures are sure to differ from other marketers. Many ad units are sold in an auction with bidding either manually or automatically. And pricing structures range from Cost per Click (CPO) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM), to Cost per Lead (CPL) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA). How is a marketer to know what is best for them? Marketo has a summary of many of these models you may want to check out here.

You may also be used to dealing with a seasoned sales professional to handle all your ad buying needs and you like it that way. We get that. But if you know what you need and want to save time and hassle with no competitive bidding, let us introduce you to our new online portal called AdBook Direct.

AdBook Direct saves you time! From start to completion you can book your campaign in 5 minutes. Want your ad to start ASAP? Use our new creative upload tool allowing you to get your started right away! There is no competitive bidding. You simply enter your budget and campaign dates and see rates across multiple ad units. You will see real time inventory and get excellent customer support. And don’t worry, your beloved account manager will still be available to discuss your marketing strategy and new solutions to meet your marketing objectives. Read our AdBook Direct how-to guide.

B2B digital ads are still a great way to create and enhance your brand message and drive conversions to your content marketing efforts. Book your ad now, before we are sold out!

Have questions? Contact: Dean Muscio, VP, Digital Growth at 212-204-4277 or



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