IndustryWeek’s Supply Chain Expert Is Back, in a Bigger Role

Supply Chain innovation continues to be a critical element for success. Several IndustryWeek articles on supply chain topics were the most viewed articles of the past year. Audience interest for Top 25 Supply Chains of 2018 and How Tarriff Proof is Your Supply Chain Strategy along with the recent The Solution to Transforming the Supply Chain show the intense need for ongoing supply chain information.
IndustryWeek’s new Supply Chain Initiative provides thought leadership on strategic supply management practices. It shows how small- and medium-sized suppliers can increase positive impact on overall value stream effectiveness through improved dynamics between them and their OEM customers.

Paul Ericksen, IW’s supply management advisor, will lead these efforts. Ericksen authored IndustryWeek’s Next Generation Supply Management column from April 2014 to August 2017. Now mostly retired, he has a rich background in corporate supply management, from technical buyer to chief procurement officer, as a change agent and later, as an executive-level consultant.

Our audience is anxiously awaiting Paul’s new monthly column on supply chain innovation, as well as weekly commentary on supply chain news.

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