IndustryWeek Celebrates 50 Years of Transformative Manufacturing

Business publishing serves an important role in helping decision making professionals find accurate and trusted content, it creates opportunities for connections with industry experts that have deep knowledge to share and provides a go to source for finding information that has application to very specific needs.

Fifty years ago IndustryWeek was delivering insights into the future of manufacturing and focusing on helping manufacturers finding trained people for high-skilled jobs, implementing new operational technologies and sorting through the disruptions of generational and political change – at a basic level, beyond the operational and technical advancements the issues have remained largely the same.  As a homage to 50 years of coverage, IndustryWeek is reflecting on MANUFACTURING THEN, NOW AND NEXT.

The only media brand with intensive, dedicated coverage of the nearly $6 trillion U.S. manufacturing industry and the supply chains around the globe that feed it, IndustryWeek has an established history of honoring leaders in manufacturing operations through distinguished programs such as the IW Best Plants, the IW 50 Best U.S. Manufacturers, and the IW US 500.

John DiPaola, Group Vice President is excited to celebrate 50 years of cutting-edge coverage and proud that IndustryWeek continues to deliver trusted insights to manufacturing professionals.

IndustryWeek continues to deliver manufacturing professionals news, trends, strategies and best practices that help companies leverage talent and technology to achieve revolutionary leadership practices, business models, production systems, and products.  This trust is reflected in our ability to attract high-quality, decision-making audiences that our customers have come to rely on for achieving their marketing goals.

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