How more manufacturers are becoming thought leaders

Every industry has its marketing nuances. Some are highly focused on branding and awareness, while others concentrate on generating leads and customer acquisition. One size does not fit all and marketers should plug directly into their customer’s needs as they move through the buyer’s journey.  B2B marketers are finding that on the whole, content marketing works. It strengthens brand positioning in the marketplace, builds engagement and generates marketing qualified leads. When it’s done well, content marketing engages individuals on their own terms, and is available and relevant where audiences live.
Source: Informa Engage B2B Trends Report


A recent article in Crains Cleveland Business focuses on how manufacturing companies are using “thought leadership” in marketing to build reputation and strategically position themselves in the minds of their customers and potential customers. The article sites several manufacturing case histories and shows how thought leadership messaging can help shape the conversation. Several key factors for this type of content creation are noted:

  • Create value for end users
  • Offer trend defining research
  • Share expertise
  • Make marketing a priority, not an afterthought

Look here for tips and resources for creating your own “thought leadership” content.




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