Content Marketing Usage and Challenges

More and more B2B marketers are using content to propel conversations with prospects and strengthen existing customer relationships by providing a steady stream of valuable information. Those increasing their spend on content marketing are getting more strategic with the content they are developing – creating content that serves audience needs at each stages of the buyer’s journey.

To maximize audience reach, most companies rely on a mix of social, owned and paid platforms for distribution. The increasing mix of distribution channels improves audience reach, but sometimes comes at the cost of reaching the desired audience targets and being able to track success back to the corresponding mix of touchpoints that led to sales.

Most marketers say they use social media, owned platforms and paid platforms to distribute marketing content. Email continues to be the marketer’s workhorse, although the majority of respondents say they are increasingly making use of social channels for content distribution.

Marketers should beware of the broader audience spectrum and potentially irrelevant environment their marketing content might be aligned with on social media. B2B marketing content side-by-side a sensational fake news story will have an impact on its perceived credibility. Since B2B marketing targets niche decision makers, presenting it to B2B audiences in the context of trusted content on the same subject produces more authentic engagement.

And, while marketers are convinced that content marketing attracts audiences and is an effective tool for lead conversion, proving its connection to sales returns is difficult. Marketers also struggle with how best to drive traffic to content — recognizing that targeting decision makers with purchasing intent is key, as is reaching them with information they will value. To access audiences, many marketers leverage publishers’ trusted connections with audiences to disseminate their content organically.

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