Building a World-Class Safety Culture

Research suggests that companies could see double-digit percentage gains in workforce safety through the adoption of emerging technologies, such as predictive analytics, wearable devices, IoT, robotics, and virtual reality, and various cloud-based solutions! From mobile safety apps to the integration of technology and data, safety professionals need to learn how to integrate safety compliance into the culture of their business. Incidents can be avoided if workers and supervisors have the ability to gather better data and communicate with each other or a monitoring center, helping companies to improve employee health and safety, meet compliance and regulatory requirements, boost productivity and reduce downtime.

Safety leadership professionals come together each year over a three-day period to get hands-on experience, be inspired by keynote speakers, tour areas operations and meet America’s safest companies. This year, the annual Safety Leadership Conference takes place November 5-7 in Dallas, Texas. Attendees will be hearing from several high profile keynotes, attending sessions on Safety & Risk Management, Compliance, Safety Technology & Construction, and participating in networking events.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

Networking opportunities range from showcasing your products and services within our tabletop area to striking up conversations at various breakfast, lunch, breaks and cocktail receptions. In addition, your company is prominently featured on promotional efforts aligning you with a highly respected event within the safety leadership industry. A few opportunities are still available for 2019.  Check them out here.

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