5 Ways to facilitate innovation

Good leaders have the responsibility to demonstrate and establish expectations, especially when it comes to creating an innovative culture to solve organizational issues.

At the recent Safety Leadership Conference, J.A. Rodriquez, Raytheon global senior leader of EHSS and VPPPA chairman, offered the following advice.

“In leadership, organizations do what they see,” Rodriguez told attendees. “They very rarely do what they hear.”

Collaboration from the top down is the key to having innovation as a mindset, and achieving team member buy-in and unity is essential. There is a balance between getting the job done yourself and getting the job done in ways that deliver optimal results.

Here are the top innovation motivators!

1. Personally accept failure as an opportunity to improve and not as an opportunity to discipline.

Failure is an unplanned output of a process that surfaces during process implementation. While the process was performed exactly as it was designed, the way a leader corrects inefficiencies will impact the outcome. Allowing an organization to fail will prime it for innovation.

While this seems counterintuitive, disagreements or non-alignment of perspectives are key factors to establishing an innovative culture. “If everyone agrees 100% of the time, your organization cannot be innovative,” Rodriguez said.

Process efficiencies and new approaches to solving a company’s biggest issues should be a requirement. Make innovation a priority right up there with safety, schedule, cost and quality performance.

Innovation team members should includes workers from different functions and operational areas of responsibilities. The craziest ideas often are the best ones that lead to true innovation.

Engage on a purposeful journey to create higher-level opportunities for early career professionals. Early career professionals often are buried under the weight of an organization and are an uptapped resource for innovation.

The Safety Leadership COnference takes places annually and  is designed to share best safety practices with companies hoping to achieve world class safety. Attendees will hear from industry experts and learn how America’s Safest Companies winners provide a sound working environment for their employees. If you are interested in learning more about how you can become involced with this “must attend” event, click here or contact your reginal manager for more information.

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